balcony_test_new for OpenNox

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Published by mermerwapadap (mod ID: 1014441)


the aim: make multi-floor building with balconies where the player can teleport from one balcony to the other and also where the player fall to the lower floor if he teleports in thin air (the black tiles) while also being able to still use polygons for the minimap functionality.

this map contains:

  • 2 floors and 2 buildings
  • both buildings face each other
  • both have balconies on the upper floor, facing each other
  • teleporting into the empty area in the upper floor makes you fall to the lower floor

editing reference:

polygons handle teleportation from the floor 1 falling area into the floor 0 "below" area

triggers that are placed around the balconies handle nearby summoning monsters, because spawning them within the polygon alone won't trigger the scripted event otherwise

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